Customer Care

Customer Care

If Only Your Business Was as Simple as Just Fulfilling eBay Orders!

However all businesses need to deal with their customers directly from time to time.

Whether it’s a missing order, a complaint or a request for a refund on their eBay purchase they all need dealing with—and it all takes time.

If you prefer not to deal with your eBay customer queries directly then we have a full team of qualified and experienced customer service staff who will answer calls for your company as if the customer is calling you.

This alone makes your company stand out from the more amateur eBayers out there, struggling to answer their eBay customer queries whilst queuing at the supermarket!

We can even provide a virtual office with your own dedicated telephone line, thus removing the stress of the eBay support process, leaving you free to use your time to grow your eBay business.

Any part of our optional eBay customer service package can be tailored to suit your individual need.