Q: “There are a number of companies offering a similar service to yours. Why should I use FMS?”

A: “We have seventeen years’ experience in doing what we do. We also believe we are the only company out there who specialise in small businesses taking that vital first step to growth – getting out of the house and onto a more professional footing. Most other companies out there are huge, warehouse operations who don’t understand where you’re at right now.”

Q: “I’ll be honest, we’re really a very small operation at the moment. Will you take us on?”

A: “Absolutely yes! This is exactly our area of specialisation. People who have built a successful eBay business running part time from home, but now want to move to the next level. (It’s hard/impossible to take your business to the next level when you’re doing all the menial stuff like packing and posting etc.)”

Q: “I’m a bit nervous about handing the whole thing over to you.”

A: “Understandable and no problem! Let us take on the store, pick, pack and post for a start. Then as you gain confidence (and a LOT of extra free time) you’ll almost certainly want us to do more. Your job is to grow your business, not pack boxes and deal with customer queries!”

Q: “I like the look of your company but I’m a considerable way away from Reading. Is this a problem?”

A: “Not at all! You don’t need to be physically close to us. You just get your stock shipped to us instead of you. Everything else is done electronically or over the phone/email. Most of our customers rarely visit us. Once a year is typical.”

Q:  “I’ve been wanting to do this for ages but my question concerns price. Won’t this all cost a fortune?”

A: “You’ll be surprised and delighted how cheaply we can do all this for you due to economies of scale. One thing to realise is that you are paying for this anyway in terms of your time and the stress on you. We find our customers rarely factor in their own time for doing all these tasks!”

Q: “Are there other advantages in going down this route?

A: “Yes there is one big one. You’ll be getting your business onto a proper commercial footing. This means it is a saleable entity of considerable value as you grow it. This gives you an eventual exit strategy.”

Q: This is probably not your thing but can you assist with the actual growing of the business?”

A: “Yes. And this is why we are so different. We work with several consultants who have built highly successful eBay businesses from scratch. They charge fees of course, but they would be pleased to advise you and we can put you in touch.”