Order Handling

Order Handling

If you only wish us to do your eBay fulfilment (pick, pack and post) then we’d be delighted to take this burden off your shoulders. But many of our customers also want us to process all orders as they come in – meaning you do almost no work on a day to day basis.

We can handle orders by post, telephone or email. Or we can link directly into your eBay account and take the orders off as they come in.

If any of your orders are received by post we offer a complete banking service for you, banking your cheques into your account within two days and informing you of the credits made to your account. We can also house your ‘PDQ’ machine, which will enable us to process your eBay credit card orders the same day they are received in the post.

We can design and produce your own invoice stationery (usually with a peel-off address label). This gives a very professional image to your customers.

With each order and enquiry taken, we are building your client list which can be used for future marketing campaigns, and will become invaluable to the growth of your business.

Data Handling

A Major Step For The Next Phase of Your eBay Business is to Get Your Data Capture Onto a More Professional Basis

We have an excellent technical team who will be available to produce a data capture program to your specific requirements if needed. Or you may prefer to use one of our excellent databases that are already in our system. Any program we have can be ‘tweeked’ to suit your requirements.

We can link into your ordering system, retrieving orders as they arrive ensuring a completely smooth transition from the customer placing the order to our despatch team fulfilling that order.

We can provide any reports you require on a regular basis or on request. This may be for sales, stock etc. Again this would be tailored to your individual needs.

We have secure systems in place that can integrate with your online ordering system, taking your orders, packing them and shipping the same day (we pride ourselves in fulfilling a same-day turn-around as normal practice whenever possible).

Shipping can be of your choice e.g. royal mail, courier UK & overseas. We provide excellent courier rates as we negotiate the best price available based on sheer volume.