Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at FMS are committed to protecting your Privacy. This Privacy Policy ensures complete privacy in the way we process & store any personal information provided to us.

We will use your information only for the purpose of providing the services you have requested.

If you wish your data to be removed from our system please contact [email protected] and we will remove all of the information we hold on you within 72 hours & confirm to you upon completion.

Your information is never shared with any third parties, it is only used to fulfil orders requested.

Our IT security is the best it can be & all the information we receive & store is ‘end to end encrypted’ we are constantly updating our security to avoid any data loss or breach.

The data we hold is ‘end to end encrypted’ in the cloud in a GDPR compliant way. Our provider doesn’t have access to encryption keys. Our server stores the encryption keys in an encrypted format ensuring that our cloud service provider never has access to our files. We have implemented the appropriate measures to ensure that our security is appropriate at all times.

If a breach were to happen, only the encrypted data leaks so no-one would be able to read the files. There is no threat to either, staff or clients. We are confident that we have the strongest data protection technology available.

By using ‘End to end encryption’ any data breach will be almost impossible to identify as personal information and so therfore represents a significantly stronger protection for personal data.