It’s Time to Reclaim Your Spare Room and/or Garage!

We hope you’re reading this because you seek a small, friendly eBay fulfilment company who will really look after you and help you to the next level.

We don’t pretend to have a vast warehouse with fork lift trucks running up and down. Our customers tell us they find such operations daunting.

And they’re right.

A Big Fulfilment Company Will Never Treat Your Growing eBay Business Seriously

At FMS we specialise in eBay entrepreneurs who are ready for the first big step in their growth and ready to get onto a more professional footing.

To do that our customers have all taken these three steps

  1. Get the stock out of the house/garage and into a proper facility.
  2. Get the incoming orders handled by an outside company so the business can still run if they are (say) on holiday).
  3. Have someone else pick, pack and post their items, releasing them from the tedium of doing this every day.

FMS can do all of these eBay fulfilment tasks for you.


We have a warehouse to store your goods and can provide inventory management to keep track of your stock (we can even order the stock for you if you like). We will pick and pack your items to your specification and ship your items the same day by whatever delivery service you require.

We have several storage facilities in the area so if your delivery is too large to come into our ‘in house’ warehouse it can be delivered direct to another of our warehouses and be housed or separated as necessary.

We are fully insured for all stock in our care as well as public liability, our buildings are all alarmed and linked to the police so your stock will be kept safe and secure at all times.

We Are Working For You to Help Your Business Grow, we Provide a Complete Service For You

In effect we are your employees but without the hassle and expense of employing staff.